TRANSFORMER TEA® -- “Improving the Quali-Tea of Life”

ROCKY HILL, CT.  (January 30, 2009) Transformer Tea® is a first of its kind line of green teas featuring six unique infusions, Früt-Tea; Vegē-Tea; Veg-out, Raspberry Bash, Hot Apple Crisp and Complexion, that boast many health benefits. Research has shown that green tea contains antioxidants that  MAY help to: lower cholesterol, lose weight (particularly belly fat), increase metabolism, boost the immune system, nourish skin and hair and reduce swelling. Transformer Tea® is uniquely designed, using added fruits and vegetables, to specifically zoom in on other body issues that people may be having.

The line includes first of its kind vegetable teas, Veg-Out, created to help individuals lower cholesterol with a breakdown of blood fat and Vegē-Tea, created to ease bloating; Früt-Tea helps to regulate digestion; Raspberry Bash helps support thyroid health; Hot Apple Crisp maintains joint and bone health and Complexion nourishes the skin.

While many teas have used fruits for flavoring, Transformer Teas® are the first to introduce real fruits and vegetables into the blend. Since the teas are loose leaf, as the fruits and vegetables are steeped in the hot water, the antioxidants and other nutrients are released into the water. The result is a brew that has more than just flavor; it delivers real nutrients through its one-of-a-kind delivery system that allows the vitamins and minerals from the fruits and vegetables to be digested.

“We have been told to eat whole foods, particularly fruits and vegetables to improve our health,” states Oliver. “For many, it is hard to get enough of them into their diet to reap all the benefits.  Because Transformer Tea™ uses real fruits and vegetables you get all of the benefits without having to find ways of including them in your meals.”

“For many years we have known the nutritional benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. However, in today’s economy it can be cost prohibitive to shop for and prepare the right foods. Drinking Transformer Tea®, whether hot or iced, is a fast and delicious way to increase your vitamin consumption,” said Oliver.

Transformer Tea® was created and developed by nationally recognized health and weight-loss specialist, Pam Oliver, president of Body Transformers Inc. For more information or to purchase Transformer Tea®, call (860) 436-9405 or visit www.transformertea.com.



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