Sample Day

Breakfast: 2 Eggs (any style) & 1 Toast  OR 1 Cup Low-fat Yogurt w/1/2 Cup Cereal Top
                 1 Cup Transformer Tea®
Snack:      1 Orange  OR  1/2 Cup Pineapple  OR   1 Kiwi
Lunch:      ½ Sandwich & 1 Cup Soup (your choice)  & 1 Serving Fruit
             ;                              OR
                 4oz. Turkey OR Veggie Wrap/Pita, No Cheese, Lots of Vegs.
                 1 TBS. Low-fat Mayo OR Mustard  OR 1 TBS. Low-fat Dressing 
                 1  Serving Fruit
Snack:      1 Cup of Transformer Tea®
Dinner:     2 Tacos & ½ Cup Cucumber Salad w/1 TBS. Low-fa t Dressing
                 4 oz. Lean Meat, Baked Potato/Sweet Potato w/1 tsp.topping
                 1 Cup Green Vegs. –NOT PEAS
Snack:      1 Cup of Transformer Tea®


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